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I’m Katie Rivera. A film & digital wedding photographer turned boutique private photo editor, specializing in film emulation & matching. After spending a few years as a high volume wedding photographer, I transitioned into a private film emulation & hybrid editor for lovely photographers all over the world. To read my personal story on why I left my successful photography business to become a editor head over to my blog where I share all about it! I help other photographers gain back their valuable time — allowing them to grow a soulful, profitable brand while maintaining beautiful high quality editing their work deserves.

I have a background in Studio Art, a BFA in Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography, and 5+ years of film & digital (hybrid) wedding photography experience.  I transitioned to editing after discovering that I was developing a specific, refined skill of film emulation & hybrid editing that other photographers would appreciate and value as an outsource editing service. Embracing a business that helps other photographers be more present in their life & business has been such a reward for me. This business has been a humbling, beautiful experience that has made me appreciate the power of high-quality editing more than ever. If you have any questions at about outsourcing your photo editing please reach out! 

Private Boutique Photo Editor for Wedding Photography Photographers

I still shoot film! My current film work is for personal, editorial/commercial, or creative project purposes. I do shoot the occasional elopement/intimate wedding or adventurous outdoor session for fun! 


My photography has been seen on:

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