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Hiring a private photo editor to outsource your wedding photography is a serious investment. I completely understand how difficult it is to let go of some of that control that comes with photo editing. Trust me, as a previous high-volume wedding photographer I’ve been where you are and I hear you.

I started my editing business after seeing a huge need for high quality editors that have a background in full-time wedding photography. I personally understand how crucial it is that your photo editor maintain the same time & care that you would in your photo editing. With my one-on-one photo editing services, I invest my time into learning, maintaining, and improving (if desired) your own brand’s aesthetic and editing style.


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Every photo you see on my site & Instagram are all shot and edited by me. My services cater to editing in each of my client's individual styles that I meticulously invest time into learning, staying true to their brand and identity; this is why I may not offer an "example" gallery - simply because any example edit I show you is not your own unique style & brand.


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