Photographer friends, you work extremely hard building and maintaining a beautiful & soulful creative wedding photography brand — it is consistently a huge investment of your time.

Allow me to help alleviate some of the time you spend behind the computer with my one-on-one private boutique photo editing services. You go that extra mile for your clients to give them an amazing experience—let me do the same for you so you can achieve the work/life balance you deserve!

As a previous wedding photographer who used to experience those high volume wedding years, I know how hard it may be to try to maintain high quality edits during the busier season and manage an entire business without having to sacrifice time for your family and life outside of work.

I've always appreciated and enjoyed the time, patience, and care it requires to edit photos to get them exactly how want them. Editing is a skill I've acquired from shooting film & editing my own photographs in LR for over six years. After I began shooting film photography I focused so much more on the quality of my digital edits, how they matched my film scans and I strived for that consistency. I’m beyond thrilled I became a full-time private photo editor for wedding photographers, specializing in hybrid film and digital editing! Editing is my nerdy passion that I’m very grateful to be able to share with amazing photographers all around the world. Helping other photographers cultivate more time to be more present in their life & business is my joy.

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fill out the contact form below AND ASK FOR MY PDF GUIDE FULL OF INFORMATION ON THE
PROCESS OF OUTSOURCING, about my outsourcing workflow, MY PRICING, & TESTIMONIALS! 


Little hint… all of the photos you see on this site are shot & edited by me, Katie!


why invest in a boutique, PRIVATE photo editor?



+ Open and valued communication that will always allow for feedback to ensure I achieve your exact style

+ One-on-one photo editing relationship establishes consistency throughout all of your sessions and weddings

+ Give yourself more to time to serve your own clients to the fullest!

+ Invest in an editor that wants to spend the time and care it requires to maintain the quality of your brand

+ Cultivate time to be more present in your home life; spend more time with your family and spouse!

+ Allow yourself to finally grow other aspects of your business
(podcasts, blogs, workshops, styled shoots, collaborations, editorials)

+ Hire a private photo editor that has experience being a high-volume film & digital wedding photographer
(all of the photography on this site are all shot and edited by Katie)


scroll through some of my photography as a previous wedding photographer below


what is included:

My private photo editing services are catered towards learning and understanding each of my client’s unique brand aesthetic and editing style. I deliver editing wedding catalogs in my clients’ styles by learning their editing preferences by growing in consistency & quality. My editing clients are wedding photographers that value high quality edits that fall within the timeless, classic, & vibrant fine-art aesthetic.

+ Cropping & straightening 

+ A private editor that is committed to investing time into
getting to understand and learn your brand's unique
aesthetic & editing style

+ Client Dropbox folder for Catalog Exchanging, Client Mood Boards for Reference, & an Editing Feedback Document (I encourage feedback from my clients, it’s how I learn your style & improve our edits!)

+ 5-7 Business Day Turnaround

+ Lightroom Smart Preview Catalog Editing

+ An editor that specializes in Film Emulation and Hybrid Editing for refined, timeless edits with 7+ years of wedding photography experience.

Just started your film journey? I can be the cheerleader & advice support
you need to make incorporating film into your digital work an easy & less stressful transition!


my wedding photography has been seen on:

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Want to learn more about outsourcing your photo editing?

I’d love to share more about hiring me as your private photo editor

Hiring a private photo editor to outsource your wedding photography is a serious investment. I completely understand how difficult it is to let go of some of that control that comes with photo editing. Trust me, as a previous high-volume wedding photographer I’ve been where you are and I hear you.

I started my editing business after seeing a huge need for high quality editors that have a background in full-time wedding photography. I personally understand how crucial it is that your photo editor maintain the same time & care that you would in your photo editing. With my one-on-one photo editing services, I invest my time into learning, maintaining, and improving (if desired) your own brand’s unique aesthetic and editing style.

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In order to keep my client list low and editing quality high, I do have minimum editing requirements my clients can commit to. **Requirements: a minimum of ten weddings per calendar year to be outsourced (minimum of 600 images per catalog).
(example: 600-800)
My services are catered towards my learning and matching my clients' styles, not my own, and I can use any preset or profile of preference.
Tell me about you and your brand! I'd love to hear why you decided to begin outsourcing. Asking for examples? Please read the message below on this topic.

Asking for "test/examples"?

Here are a few reasons why you don’t need to ask editors for examples

Every photo you see on my site & Instagram are all shot and edited by me. My services cater to editing in each of my client's individual styles that I meticulously invest time into learning, staying true to their brand and identity; this is why I may not offer an "example" gallery - simply because any example edit I show you is not your own unique style & brand. Viewing tests/examples not the best way to choose your editor; the best way to see if an editor is a good fit is to work with them. I know that sounds like a big leap, aren’t all good things worth taking a small risk? Find an editor that you feel you connect with on their aesthetics, and trust in the process. Finding an editor is an investment, take the real time & care your business deserves when seriously searching for a private photo editor.

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