hello! i'm katie 

For me, photography is a celebration of romance. Romance photographed is a cultivation of soft moments and loving gestures; all of these momentary details.  My style of wedding photography and photo editing showcase these moments in a light, clean, and natural approach. I deeply appreciate the entire process of photography from shooting, editing, & sharing.

I transitioned into becoming a full-time editor because I really began to enjoy editing during my film journey. Trying to match and tinker with my digital photos to get them to match my film scans became a huge focus of mine. I eventually decided I wanted more family and adventure time on the weekend rather than shooting - this led me to jump into editing as a full-time business. It turns out, I absolutely love being able to give other photographers more time for their family & business growth too! 




I am a photo editor and nomadic photographer, traveling & exploring as I work along the way with my spouse and two pups.

I have a background in Studio Art and a BFA in Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography from Texas Tech University. Upon graduating, I decided to pursue wedding photography and I began to learn from amazing local photographers in my area. I spent the first few years of my business capturing over a hundred weddings. Since then, I’ve transitioned my business into photo editing so I could have the freedom to travel full-time. It was time for me to begin a business that allowed my creativity to evolve and help other photographers flourish.

Although my editing business is full-time, I love photographing couples who love to travel & adventure! I will be on the road exploring the states in 2019 and will post travel dates soon! You can follow our Instagram travel account here @detachandroam