The Value of Outsourcing Your Photo Editing with a Private Photo Editor

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Are you wondering why you should outsource your photo editing to a private photo editor?

What are the benefits are to hiring a private photo editor and work one-on-one with with?

I completely get it. I’ve been there. I know how hard it seems at first to think of relinquishing that control, after-all, your style of editing defines you and your brands aesthetic. So, how do you trust a private photo editor take the same care and time that you would on your editing? It all depends on what you’re hoping to get out of outsourcing.

Why should you hire a private photo editor?

Let me help you find out why you’re interested in outsourcing your editing…

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First, let’s answer why you would want to outsource your photo editing to a boutique private editor…

It’s important to understand what value you will get out of outsourcing your photo editing

For example, some of my editing clients find value in outsourcing by:

  • cultivating more time for their life at home; most of my clients find the most value in outsourcing by using that time to spend it with their loved ones.

  • having their editor help them find and/or refine their style; if the editor is experienced enough in a certain niche of editing, that photo editor can help their clients create and refine the style that their clients want their work to grow towards. For example, many of my clients hire me specifically for my fine art & film emulation aesthetic and ask for help on transitioning or improving their work in this style.

  • knowing they can depend on their editor throughout the busy season to deliver and maintain high quality, consistent edits that their work deserves. Often times my clients have an established style down & they are happy with their own style of editing — they just need a solid, dependable, and knowledgable photo editor to edit their weddings in exactly the way they would.

  • having a turnaround accountability buddy; many photographers would love to speed up their turnaround time for client delivery, the best way they can achieve that is by having an editor holding them accountable with an editing calendar. I’ve helped so many clients increase their turnaround time weeks ahead of their usual delivery time.

  • improving the quality and consistency of their work; hiring an experienced photo editor that will take time to get to know you and your brand’s aesthetic will help your work’s quality & consistency in the long run! My clients have become more aware of their inconsistent shooting and editing habits but having another person on their team help suggest ways to be more consistent in their shooting & editing.

  • simply having more time. I can’t reiterate this enough. Our time is our most precious resource. By outsourcing their photo editing with me, my clients have found time to focus on other aspects of their life and business. In what ways? Some of my clients are full-time students, or have full-time jobs — they understand that handing off their editing is the best thing they can do for their clients and themselves. My clients have found time to create podcasts, host traveling workshops, and grow their business. I had a client that outsourced with me while she had a full-time job; that extra time allowed her to focus on growing her business — now, she quit her job and is working in her biz full time!


Because I don’t want to make this blog post a novel, I’ll have to end the non-stop value examples here. I’m sure there are so many ways you can find value in outsourcing your photo editing too. What would you do with that time? How much would you value having piece of mind knowing that you can allow your self to focus on something else? What would it feel like to have an awesome, long-term photo editor that has your back and you know you can depend on them?

How would you find value in outsourcing with a private photo editor?

Write them down in the comments below. I want to hear why you would hire a private photo editor! In the comment box below, list of all of the ways you would find value for you and your business by outsourcing your photo editing to an experienced, high quality private photo editor.

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